Although it may be known for its amazing ski conditions in the winter, what's lesser known is that in Ehrwald, as the snow thaws, fresh greenery comes to life, wildlife populates the terrain and the land lends itself to fantastic activities in an absolutely breathtaking area of natural beauty. The beautiful Ehrwald is the perfect destination for a wealth of activities in the summer months, with an abundance of scenic trails at your disposal. Enjoy amazing guided walks with our knowledgable local team and in the evening, explore some of the restaurants and bars that Ehrwald has to offer.



For hiking and walking enthusiasts, Ehrwald is a dream destination. The lush and beautiful terrain lends itself to activity and hiking is high on visitor's list of priorities. With an almost unlimited number of trails including meadowland trails, hiking trails and climbing trails, no matter how much of a challenge you're after, you'll find it here. The distinct beauty of the area ensures that wherever you choose to wander, you will be in amongst some of the most scenic natural beauty in the world.

River Rafting

The Inn River is one of the best rafting rivers there is. It originates from Lake Lughino in Switzerland and keeps gathering more and more speed as it travels through the snowy Swiss Alps down to Austria, taking in water from tributaries as it tumbles east. With its massive waves and heavy rollers alternating with quieter, more relaxed passages, the rafting tours on offer can be geared towards both advanced level rafters, as well as beginners.


Mountain Biking

Due to its diverse terrain and challenging gravel trails, Ehrwald is a well-loved area for mountain bikers. Not only does the area provide a wide range of cycle paths, including narrow forest tracks as well as much wider pathways, but mountain biking in Ehrwald gives you a front row seat to the area's phenomenal beauty. It is a great way to ensure you're making the most of the incredible surroundings while enjoying being active in the fresh alpine air. 





Explore Austria in the Summertime

Discover a summer holiday unlike any other with an action-packed adventure to beautiful Austria in the summertime. The perfect antidote to the bucket and spade summer holiday in a busy beach resort, this unique trip offers something different for those who just love to stay active.